icebox cake

I love birthdays!  I love them when they are mine and I love them when they are others…. they usually come with one sure guarantee:  CAKE!   A colleague of mine had a birthday yesterday and when I asked  ‘how was the cake?’, she said there ‘wasn’t any’.   Well this is just not acceptable, not to … Continue reading

Early Zucchs!

Even though I know I am about to have zucchini growing out my ears come august, I could not resist these beautiful giant fresh green beings today at the Ballard Market. I am by nature a law breaking-non rule abiding-anti measuring-COOK, i.e. NOT baker.  Baking is hard. It requires patience and measuring without which equates … Continue reading

Babe’s in Figland

Wow, it’s been a while.  Wimbledon is serving up quite an impressive sunday morning match.  I don’t know how I am going to match the cover page of the NYTimes from a culinary perspective on this one.  I am a Federer fan. always. true and true whether in England or in Switzerland…. After several days … Continue reading