Let freedom reign.

MLK day…. inauguration day….. my own personal back to work day…… what a day.   I listened to our very articulate president deliver yet again another powerful speech today in my opinion.   This followed by gay cuban poet,  Richard Blanco ( who blew my mind) and Cuban reverend,   Luis Leon, followed  by Beyonce singing the … Continue reading

Cake mode.

Layer cake in January?  Crazy, I know.  I dont often get into cake-mode, nor bake -mode for that matter, but there is a grand occasion that is calling me into action.    A retirement.  A BIG retirement. What to do when you have to bake cake in January?   add citrus to the mix and call it ‘fresh and … Continue reading


Okay,  I know that at this time of year I should be writing about kale salads and juicing…. both of which I have had my fair dosage of this new year in snyc with the lemming culture cleanse that occurs globally on January 1.   However, I was gifted with the most beautiful thing this Christmas,  an ancient … Continue reading