Our Daily Bread

2015.   New Year and back to basics.  I prefer keeping it simple and getting back to basics rather than making a kajillion resolutions that cannot be sustained and lead to shame, guilt or overall feelings of failure.   There is a reason that some of the simplest clichés in life have endured time…. they are true.  They work.   (Keep it simple.  One day at a time.  Easy does it. etc)


For me, toast is about as basic as it gets.  And sometimes just about as good as it gets.  The smell of toast always makes me smile.   No fuss, no fancy.  Just toast.  Toast is back in vogue in my book, after having been given the cold shoulder for way to long thanks to the gluten-free frenzy that the rest of the planet is riding on.   I recently heard someone say that having celiac disease is harder than being an alcoholic, “because you have to deal with it three times a day”.   First of all,  I don’t know about you, but I think and ruminate about food far more than three times a day, so straight off the tongue, I find this comparison suspicious.  Secondly, alcoholism is exceedingly more complex of a disease than counting cocktails at happy hour and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it is also far deadlier than celiac disease and much harder to overcome.   But whose measuring diseases here anyway?  I’m just talking toast.    While I’m at it, I should add that I am eternally grateful that I can eat toast and all other forms of wheat.


Avocado toast is pure, simple and perfect.  It is just toast, smashed with avocado and salt and pepper.   There are many additions to keep sprucing it up like adding red onion, red pepper flakes,  a smear of crème fraîche,  fresh herbs, cucumber slices, pepitas,  arugula, cream cheese and smoked salmon with capers and avocado.  You get the picture; make it as simple or as complicated as you like.



Second to avocado toast and San Juan sea salt is crème fraîche and cucumber with dill and salt.  Unless it is Sunday morning and then it must be cream cheese toast and lox with red onion.  I’m talking devotional daily bread here.  Really.  Just try it.  I dare you.


Of course I have always had a problem with keeping it simple, so now that I am done with the toast project, I am off to painting the kitchen.   I’m thinking avocado-limesque- like….

Happy New Year.

Eat your daily bread.



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