Raindrops on roses and rose colored peonies…..

I know, I am taking great liberties with Julie Andrew’s favorite things, but I have my own favorite things ….and  my list although not as poetic, is lengthy and used often by me in good times and bad.

I’ve been diving in lately….My garden is bursting, the temperature is rising…Memorial Day weekend is now behind us and summer sunshine lies ahead. The weekend was one of total

indulgence: farmers markets, smoothies, new fashion,  new ideas, New York Times,  CUBA, live music, homemade Pizza and speed (not the drug, and not the usual workout type).


Yeah, sort of like that. These are a few of my favorite things. All packed into one weekend and with no shame. I am a girl in chronic pain (temporary)

Trying to hold as true to the whole 30 as humanly possible gets both harder and easier, if that is possible. I feel so good I don’t want to f*#@k it up….yet

I want what I want.  Not easy for this human.

Kale Smoothie of Saturday: 

1 cup fresh pineapple

one banana

two cups Latinate Kale

TBSP almond butter

2 cups almond milk

Blend and adjust consistency as needed.



The Markets are booming with Peonies, so beautiful and pink. There seem to be new paper stores and new markets opening up everywhere.


I recently discovered a new Market in Portage Bay on my way to Physical Therapy called Canal Market that I must admit I have

frequented almost daily since I discovered it. Full of indulgence and everything I do not really need but want like Matiz Torta de Aceite; shameless, I know.




So happy to have them in the hood. Rhubarb jam and fresh walnut bread…. one of my favorite things.

I played tourist in my own town this memorial day weekend which is really a pretty extraordinary city when everyone else leaves me alone to explore it with my love.

   I thought (we thought) we were going to see Elvis Costello and Squeeze at the Triple Door Saturday night, and as it turns out it was a cover band

playing Elvis Costello and Squeeze….. Good time had nonetheless and yours truly got to wear a new dress.


And as SIFF continues in its full glory this week, the man scored yet again… promo tickets to VENICE  which was playing downtown on Sunday night.

I’m all about Cuba lately.I cannot wait to go.The world is open when CUBA is open and the time is NOW.  Yes, CUBA is one

of my favorite things. and next on the bucket list after the shiny new knee.



This guy is gonna fit right in like a cuban cigar.

Oh yes, and then there was Pizza. Pizza is clearly not on the whole 30 list, but I contend that I cleverly rail against the narrow confines

of that which is known to be inflaming…



Pizza of prosciutto, asparagus, goat and spring onion.  (see previous posts for pizza details) 

made with a Trader Joes base crust;

cilantro pesto smear

layered with asparagus, spring onion and shallot (all sautéed before baking on crust)

topped with parmesan shavings and Goat cheese and sliced prosciutto. drizzled with

Moroccan Olive oil



Oh and yes, that piece about speed.   It is time. Time for speed not generated by my own strength….a connection

to the land the wind, the sun,stars,the moon….the visceral experience of motion, of moving through time on a machine that is

other than me.

THIS is my new speed challenge. and I cannot wait. coming soon.


My new form of independence.  Triumph.

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